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ISP Newsletter March 2019

Composition of the ISP Editorial Board

Dr. J. van den Broek recently stepped down as member of the Editorial Board. Two new members joined the Editorial Board in February 2019: Prof. Dr. Ir. C. van Rhee (TU Delft), who’s field of expertise is “Dredging Engineering” and Dr. P. Corigliano ...

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ISP Volume 64, nrs 1 and 2

ISP Volume 64, issue 1-2 of 2017 contains 6 articles on various topics. These range from applying RANS CFD methods to predict ship propulsive performance, to application of laminated glass in the yacht industry, ship stability during launching when applying pneumatic airbags, sloshing in LNG tanks and mitigation of bubble ...

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New members of the ISP Editorial Board

Late 2017 the ISP Editorial Board has been extended through the appointment of two new members.
Dr. J. van den Broek, who is working both at TNO and the Maritime University of Rotterdam, takes care of the interest area “Maritime Human Factors”.
In addition, Mrs. S. Consuegra (TNO) joined the ...

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Broadening the scope of ISP

International Shipbuilding Progress (ISP) aims at publishing peer-reviewed articles on a wide scope of topics related to ship design, shipping and production. During recent years the majority of papers submitted concerned (a wide range of) hydrodynamic topics. ISP likes to encourage authors to submit also articles about for instance ship ...

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ISP Volume 63, numbers 3,4

ISP Volume 63, numbers 3,4 of 2016/2017 is a special issue about the European Union (EU) project GRIP. GRIP stands for “Green Retrofitting through optimization of hull-Propulsion Interaction”. The project addressed several aspects of fitting Energy Saving Devices (ESD’S) to existing ships.

Aspects that were addressed are ...

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