CO2 Challenge -KNVTS 125 year anniversary

Let’s work together to make shipping greener

We want to help solve The emissions challenge for the global maritime industry. The pressure is on for the maritime industry to shrink its carbon footprint. We’re looking for your ideas on scalable technologies that help to cut the industry’s emissions in half.

Are you a:

  • Student or a group of students
  • Employee or retired employee
  • Innovator, start-up or scale-up
  • Researcher

Submit your main idea, explained as visual as possible: video, images etc., to the KNVTS emissions challenge  before March 1st via:

First price includes:

  • An award of 5.000 euro. Winner to be selected at the KNVTS Lustrum event 11 May 2023.

For more information check KNVTS


Published: 2023-02-06 | Tagged: emission-reduction, home, kennis-nieuws
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