Symposium “Nuclear Power for Marine Applications” ENGLISH

On Thursday 24 November 2022 the Dutch Maritime Knowledge Centre together with Netherlands Maritime Land and IMAREST Benelux organize a symposium on the opportunities for application of nuclear power for the maritime sector.  

The reduction of greenhouse gasses poses a serious challenge for the maritime sector and all possibilities for emission reduction need serious attention and research. In particular this applies to the application of nuclear power, where several innovations have taken place in the last few decades. Amongst others this regards the development of modular systems and their intrinsic safety.

This symposium is organised as part of the Maritime Innovation Impulse Programme and offers a special event with renowned speakers from nuclear physics and maritime technologies as well as academia and figureheads from the maritime and offshore sector.

For whom

The symposium is meant for people who want to deepen their knowledge on this subject or are looking for new co-operation. This could be maritime colleagues or unsuspected partnerships with people from a totally different sector. With regard to the international character of the subject the symposium is in the English language. Interested students are most welcome as well.  


Technical University Delft  - Faculty 3mE

Mekelweg 2  2628 CD Delft   

Building 34, Lecture hall D - James Watt


Start 13.30 CET , walk-in at 13.00 CET.  Expected end time 17.00 CET.

Sign up

Sign up  until 22 November 2022 via this link.

The symposium is free of charge.


Symposium “Nuclear Power for marine applications”

Date and time:                  24 November 2022 - 13.00 until 17.00 CEST

Location :                            TU Delft -  Mekelweg 2 Delft – building 34 : lecture hall D – James Watt



13.00    Walk-in and registration

13.30    What is the fundamental research roadmap for maritime modular nuclear power plants?
by Klaas Visser (Rear-Admiral (ME) ret., Associate Professor Marine Engineering  TU Delft, Director Maritime Knowledge Centre)

14.00    Nuclear power solutions for Thorium Molten Salt Reactors
by Sander de Groot (Founder Thorizon)

14.30    Nuclear power for marine applications
by Koen Houtkoop (Technical superintendent and graduate TU Delft Maritime Technology )

15.00    U-battery for maritime applications
by Marc van den Berg  (PhD student at Nuclear Reactor Physics TU Delft)

15.30    Forum discussion
by Klaas Visser with previous speakers, Jan-Leen Kloosterman (TU Delft), Joop Roodenburg (Huisman) and Andre Steenhuis (Allseas)

16.00    Wrap up and closure

16.15    Drinks




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