Three consortia receive funding for Maritime Hightech research

Three research projects have been awarded within the KIC call 'Maritime hightech: maritime hightech for a secure sea'.

Consortia of researchers, companies and social organisations will conduct research into minimising cavitation, smart detection systems for maintenance of naval vessels and fault-tolerant system technology. Together, the projects will be awarded 3.5 million euros. Societal and private partners will contribute another 750,000 euros in co-financing.

The future of the Netherlands as a maritime trading nation depends on a safe sea. The sea is a global transport route, a source of raw materials and food and a source of energy at the same time. This makes the sea and its coastal areas vulnerable to competition and conflict. Technological, geopolitical and global developments are putting safety at and from the sea under pressure. For a properly functioning maritime safety chain, the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Coast Guard must be able to respond to all current and future safety challenges. A future-proof and competitive ecosystem of government, knowledge institutes and (maritime) industry is essential for this.

The three interdisciplinary research projects have a maximum duration of six years and will start in mid-2022.

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Published: 2022-05-13 | Tagged: home, kennis-nieuws
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