ISP Newsletter July 2019

Composition of the ISP Editorial Board

As per July 1st, 2019, Dr. Ir. P.R. Wellens of TU Delft has been appointed as Editor-in- Chief of the ISP Journal. He succeeds Prof. Dr. Ir. A.P. van ‘t Veer who left TU Delft to take up a senior position at the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN).

Last issue ISP Journal !

ISP Volume 66, Issue 2

ISP Volume 66, number 2 of 2019, contains four articles about added ship resistance in waves, optimization of bow thruster locations on offshore ships, application of plastics for non-structural components of ship engines and an article about distributed energy sources on cruise ships.

Summaries of these articles can be found on the ISP Journal Issues page' on this website, where you can also find a specific link to the 'IOS-press' website for each summary. In addition you will find here more extensive summaries and information how to order the complete articles.

ISP issues in 2019

For 2019 four issues of ISP Journal have been scheduled.

  • The first issue (March) was a special issue, containing extensions of selected papers of the NAV2018 conference, held in Trieste, Italy in June 2018.
  • The second (June) and third (September) issues will be regular issues.
  • The fourth issue (December) will be a special issue on the application of hydrogen in the marine field.

Next meeting of the Editorial Board

The next meeting of the Editorial Board has been scheduled for October 14th , at the TU Delft, The Netherlands.

Upcoming conferences, meetings and training courses

Overviews of relevant conferences, exhibitions, meetings and training courses can be found on:

A Printable full version of the ISP Newsletter, including the abstracts and belonging pictures can be found on this website by using this link.


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