Operations and supply chain considerations important for the roll out of methanol as a shipping fuel


Rotterdam, 9 November 2020.

As part of the Green Maritime Methanol project, the consortium performed an analysis on the operational aspects of using methanol, in terms of suitability to the different shipping market segments, the bunker operations and the upstream and downstream supply chain aspects of methanol as a marine fuel.

The research concludes that potentially a significant part of the maritime short sea market with point-to-point sailing patterns is suitable for methanol and that methanol bunker demand could grow to 5 million m3 in the ARA-region in 2030. ... [more]

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Green Maritime Methanol presents report on benchmark analysis

Rotterdam, 5 November 2020.

The Green Maritime Methanol consortium studies the possibilities for sustainable Methanol as a maritime transport fuel. Green Methanol is an important candidate as a future fuel for the shipping industry. It is widely available, can be produced in a sustainable way, is easily stored on board of ships and can be burned in engines with minor modifications.

As part of the project a report was developed that summarizes existing literature. The report summarizes the policy context for development of methanol as a fuel and the technical ... [more]

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Royal Netherlands Navy expresses strong interest in methanol as fuel for its support vessels

GMMWithin the Green Maritime Methanol project the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) has extensively studied the use of green methanol as a ship fuel for its support vessels. They concluded that green methanol has the potential to be the future fuel of choice for the support vessels.
The 75 metres long and 13 metres wide hydrographic survey vessels of the RNLN are well suited for the application of methanol. An extensive study regarding hazardous areas and venting of methanol for safety purposes was executed during the project and resulted in the conclusion ... [more]

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NWA - De Blauwe Route initiatieven 2020 gepubliceerd

In het kader van de NWA-De Blauwe Route: 'Water als weg naar innovatie en duurzame groei' zijn recent 19 initiatieven ingediend en nu door NWO gepubliceerd.

Een drietal daarvan, op initiatief van, resp. met betrokkenheid van MKC deelnemers, zijn met name van belang voor de maritieme sector, t.w.:

  • BR.20.003 – Preventing a lock-down of the North Sea. Socio-economic, judicial and ecological solutions for a sustainable North Sea in Transition. (NIOZ e.a.)
  • BR.20.004 – Drijvende Toekomst (Marin e.a.)
  • BR.20.011 – Large Floating Structures for Hydrogen Production at Sea (TUD e.a.)

Via deze link treft u eentotaaloverzicht van en nadere ... [more]

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Succesvol webinar Fuel Cells for MARitime applications (FCMAR)

Op 17 September 2020 is er vanuit het FCMAR project in samenwerking met Nederland Maritiem Land een webinar georganiseerd. Kamil Mrozewski van TNO in Helmond en Lindert van Biert van TU Delft Maritieme Techniek hebben een uitvoerige presentatie gegeven om de deelnemers te informeren over de huidige stand van zaken met betrekking tot brandstoftechnologie voor maritieme toepassingen. Beide heren zijn gepromoveerd op het thema brandstofcellen en hebben daardoor een diepgaande kennis over de technologie en inzicht in de toepasbaarheid aan boord van schepen. Naast een overzicht van de huidige “state of the art” zijn drie thema’s gepresenteerd voor ... [more]

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E-fuels cruciaal voor verduurzaming zwaar transport

Gezamenlijke inspanning gehele keten nodig om klimaatdoelen te halen

e-fuels for trucking, shipping and aviation

Synthetische brandstoffen geproduceerd met elektriciteit, ofwel e-fuels, kunnen een belangrijke rol spelen in het terugdringen van de CO2-uitstoot van wegtransport over lange afstand, luchtvaart en scheepvaart. Synthetische methanol, -diesel en -LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) zijn voor wegtransport over lange afstand en de scheepvaart de meest geschikte opties; voor de grote vaart is ook synthetische ammoniak een belangrijke optie. Voor de luchtvaart voldoet alleen e-kerosine. Alhoewel groene waterstof nodig is om e-fuels te produceren is ... [more]

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DNV-GL MARITIME FORECAST TO 2050 Energy Transition Outlook 2020

DNV-GL recently published its Energy Transition Outlook 2020.

MEOH and Ammonia seem to be the serious contenders, provided that the ambitions for greening are high.

Heartily recommended; you can find the full DNV-GL report on our MKC website by clicking this link.

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ISP Newsletter September 2020

General news

A few weeks ago we were informed that Mrs Sarah Consuegra stepped down as member of the Editorial Board, due to personal reasons. We thank her for the period she participated in our team ! The special on the application of hydrogen in the maritime world has been issued as the first issue of Volume 67.

ISP Volume 67, Issue 1

ISP Volume 67, issue 1 of 2020, is an issue that contains five articles on the application of hydrogen in the maritime world. Summaries, as well as the full articles can be ... [more]

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ISP Newsletter July 2020

General news

From the beginning of this year Mr. Martin van der Eijk has taken over the tasks of Mr. J.H. Vink as Editorial Office Manager. As announced earlier, the 4th issue of Volume 66 was scheduled to be a special on the application of hydrogen in the maritime world. This had to be delayed until the first issue of Volume 67. Fortunately it was possible to make a good issue 4 of Volume 66 with articles on different subjects.

ISP Volume 66, Issue 4

ISP Volume 66, issue 4 of 2019, contains four articles. Two ... [more]

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Royal IHC and MARIN successfully complete DP testing on autonomous SOV

Royal IHC News published on
16 June 2020

On Thursday 11 June, MARIN and Royal IHC successfully completed the dynamic positioning (DP) assessment tests for the T60-18 service operation vessel (SOV) at MARIN’s basins in Wageningen, The Netherlands, marking an important milestone in the autonomous SOV project.

For the project (part-funded by a subsidy from TKI Wind Op Zee), IHC has developed technology that will allow one of its SOVs to navigate safely through an offshore wind farm and provide access to the turbines. The operations ... [more]

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