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By their order dated 16-03-2009, Stichting Nederland Maritiem Land requested the
Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) to carry out a study on the feasibility
of a flat plate test set-up as a means to determine accurately the friction resistance.
The first objective of this study is to gather information which enables the design of s… [more]

Authors: K. Kooiker
Organization: MARIN

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 5 December 2013 | Download: eindrapport-vlakke-plaat.pdf

Offshore application of High Strength Steel: a problem and a challenge Report of MIF seed money study

Various Dutch Offshore companies experience problems in applying and validating
welded High Strength Steel (“HSS”) structure. This limits the sector in maintaining and
expanding their strong position in specialities. A consortium of companies (Allseas,
Gusto-MSC, IHC-Merwede) and knowledge institutes (TUD-3ME, TNO) collaborated
to summarise problems … [more]

Authors: G. van der Weijde
Organization: MIF, TNO Bouw en Ondergrond

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 5 December 2013 | Download: mif-seed-money-project-high-strength-steel-tnoreport.pdf

Maritieme Constructieleer. Enkele gedachten en constateringen

Door Andre Steenhuis van Allseas is een discussie op de agenda gezet over het gebruik van
hoogwaardige staalsoorten (Hoge Rekgrens Staalsoorten met vloeigrens 690 N/mm2) in
grote diktes (groter dan 100 mm). Door Lloyds worden kerfslagwaarden gehanteerd die niet
op rationele gronden gebaseerd zijn. Mogelijk wordt daardoor geen optimaal gebruik gemaakt
van dit… [more]

Authors: Ed Keizer

Publication year: 2009 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 5 December 2013 | Download: discussiestuk-constructieleer.pdf

Nonlinear Hull Girder loads on Ships

The vertical hull girder loads in a ship in head waves are studied. Fourier analysis of new regular wave towing tank results indicated clear second and third harmonic responses. The severest nonlinear behaviour occurs around the reasonable peak of the relative motions at the bow. An increase of the bow flare and of the forward speed both increase the nonline… [more]

Authors: L.J.M. Adegeest

Publication year: 1995 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

On the assessment of nonlinear ship motions and loads

The behaviour of ships in a seaway is an important subject as the motions and loads have a strong impact on the safety, econimics and operational performance of a vessel. Extreme response conditioning has been studied as a practical technique to calculate nonlinear extreme responses efficiently… [more]

Authors: L.W. Pastoor

Publication year: 2002 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Local hydroelastic response of ship structures under impact loads from water (slamming)

Accurate prediction of representative design loads and, hence, the structural response is the key factor in performing successful design of marine structures. In most cases these design loads can be determined separately from the structural analysis and then applied to the structure in order to find the structural response. However, in some cases these loads… [more]

Authors: A. Bereznitski

Publication year: 2003 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013
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