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ProMo Ships (Probabilistic Models for multi-axial assessment of Ships)

The research will map the existing models and identify & remedy important shortcomings in this coverage. The goal is to develop a unifying design methodology for integration of ship design, production, operation, maintenance and demolition combining both existing and new probabilistic models. The end result will allow the user to make a probabilistic ass… [more]

Authors: Pruyn c.s.
Organization: TU Delft 3ME Ship design
Conference: MKC - NML

Publication year: 2015 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 20 January 2015 | Download: 14-20150114-nmt_pruyn.pdf

Clean Seas Maritime Technology Network - Eindrapportage

Verbetering van de milieuprestaties van (zee-)scheepvaart en andere maritieme activiteiten is een centraal thema geworden. Soms is de ontwikkelende regelgeving de drijvende kracht achter het ‘vergroenen’ van de sector, maar steeds vaker nemen de bedrijven zelf het initiatief om hun activiteiten te verduurzamen. Het is daarom van belang dat zowel aan de regel… [more]

Authors: Glorius, S.T., Karman, C.C.
Organization: IMARES / Wageningen Marine Research, MKC

Publication year: 2011 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 30 September 2013 | Download: eindrapport-cs-mtn.pdf

A knowledge-based Concept Exploration Model for Submarine Design

Conceptual design is the first phase in the design process in which both the design problem and the way to solve the problem are not exactly known. Starting with an initial specification, the most promising concept should be generated. However, as the design process proceeds more information becomes available, which may introduce new design questions or revi… [more]

Authors: C.G.J.M. van der Nat

Publication year: 1999 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Inland Ships for efficient transport chains

The European inland waterway transport sector is a highly competitive one. The transport operators in this sector are mainly small companies with only one ship. Such companies have very few possibilities to distinguish themselves from their competitors. At the same time their main asset, their ship, is often highly standardized.
In this thesis, it is researc… [more]

Authors: R.G. Hekkenberg

Publication year: 2013 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 9 September 2013

MARIN offers Free Concept Test time in 2019

To stimulate Dutch maritime innovation, MARIN invites Small and Medium Enterprises (MKB) to test their new ideas and concepts for free. MARIN offers the same opportunity again for 2019. The initiative aims at stimulating innovation in the Dutch maritime sector and lowering the threshold for Small and Medium Enterprises to test their new ideas and concepts.… [more]

Organization: MARIN

Publication year: 2018 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 18 November 2018 | Download: mkb-leaflet-marin-free-concept-testtime-2019.pdf

On early-stage design of vital distribution systems on board ships

This PhD research (Delft University of Technology) aims to help in solving problems experienced with system integration in early-stage ship and system design by enabling automated design space exploration for on-board energy distribution systems. An Automatic Topology Generation (ATG) tool is developed and tested to do so. The ATG tool supports system design… [more]

Authors: Vos, P. de
Organization: TU-Delft

Publication year: 2018 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 12 November 2018 | Download: on-early-stage-design-of-vital-distr...hips-dissertation_p_de_vos_final.pdf
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