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Large diameter seawater intake pipe for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) uses the natural temperature difference in tropical oceans to produce clean and predictable electricity. Its estimated global market size in 2023 is between 0.6 and 6 Billion Euros. OTEC’s main challenge is manufacturing, deploying, and operating a 4m diameter, 1000m long seawater intake pipe, connected to a floating st… [more]

Authors: B.J. Kleute
Organization: Bluerise
Conference: MKC - NML

Publication year: 2015 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 20 January 2015 | Download: 13-pitch-stw-water-call-2015.pdf

Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer is an innovative device for extraction and storage of ocean energy, mainly wave energy. Its ability to adapt to specific wave profiles requires sensing of the wave profile before it enters the system. Developing a sensor system (radar) is the focus of our pitch.

Contact Wout Prins, Project manager Ocean Grazer, RUG, ENTEG, APE ,w.a.prins@rug.… [more]

Authors: W. Prins
Organization: RUG
Conference: MKC - NML

Publication year: 2015 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 20 January 2015 | Download: 11-pitch-matchmaking-event-ocean-grazer.pdf

Using the breakthrough Ultra Low Frequency wave technology for Green Marine Environment Protection Applications

Desription of VLF and ULF techniques to reduce biofouling and the CSNOx approach to clean exhaust gases

Authors: Hong, C.W.
Organization: EcoSpec Singapore

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 3 March 2014 | Download: presentatie-twa-the-clean-ship-innovation-ecospec-singapore.pdf

Law and the Future Ocean

Pre-study of the international laws of the sea and how these could apply to sea floor mining

Authors: Proelss, A.
Organization: Univ. of Trier

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 3 March 2014 | Download: presentatie-twa-keynote-law-and-the-future-ocean-prof-a-proels.pdf

Dutch wind energy strength

History and new development in Wind energy, Offshore wind parks, innovation for more economic systems

Authors: Westra, C.
Organization: ECN

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 3 March 2014 | Download: pres-twa-dutch-offshore-wind-strength-ecn-wind-energy-sea-rd.pdf

Clean Seas Maritime Technology Network: Inventarisatie uitgevoerde studies

Zowel bedrijven als kennisinstellingen in de maritieme sector werken de laatste jaren hard aan het ‘vergroenen’van scheepvaart en offshore activiteiten.
Om deze initiatieven te bundelen is door het Maritiem Kennis Centrum
het Clean Sea Shipping programma ontwikkeld (bij sommigen beter bekend als de Maritieme Milieubalans). Om dit programma tot uitvoering te… [more]

Authors: C.C. Karman, S.T. Glorious
Organization: IMARES, MKC

Publication year: 2010 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 5 December 2013 | Download: c083-10-csmtn-inventarisatie-studies.pdf

CLEAN SEA SHIPPING “de Milieubalans”, Outline of a research programme based on an integral approach towards cleaner sea shipping.

This research programme aims at:
Identification of Best Available Technology for reduction of the environmental impact of
operational shipping activities
This ultimate goal will be achieved by realizing the following sub-goals:
- Identification of interesting options and related technologies to minimize the environmental
impact of shipping operations
- Techn… [more]

Authors: Annokkee, Guus, Boonstra, Hotze, Dallinga, Reint, Dijkstra, Chris, Hopman, Hans, Karman, Chris, Kolderhof, Yvonne, Oonk, Hans, Stapersma, Douwe, Vries, Leo de

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 2 December 2013 | Download: clean-sea-shipping-1e-fase.pdf

Green Maritime Methanol GMM - - Final Report

The maritime sector is facing a major challenge. Whilst a globally growing economy leads to greater demand for the transport of goods, the goals from the Paris Climate Agreement and the subsequent agreement of the IMO requires a 50% reduction of CO2-emissions from maritime transport by 2050 compared to the level of 2008. Several stakeholders (including polic… [more]

Organization: GMM Consortium, MKC, TNO

Publication year: 2021 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 19 August 2021 | Download: green-maritime-methanol-executive-summary.pdf


Methanol also called methyl alcohol or wood alcohol is available worldwide and has been used in a variety of applications for many decades. It is most commonly produced on a commercial scale from natural gas, but it can also be produced from renewable sources such as biomass or electrolysis powered by renewable power and supported with carbon capture utiliza… [more]

Organization: ABS

Publication year: 2021 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 19 February 2021 | Download: tno-2021-green.pdf

Inventory of the application of Fuel Cells in the MARitime sector (FCMAR)

The FCMAR project, reported on here, aimed to gain a better understanding of the technical and economic feasibility of different fuel cell configurations on board different ship types in combination with different alternative fuels.
The applicability of these configurations on board ships is studied with regard to technology readiness levels (TRLs), emission… [more]

Authors: Biert, L.van, Hart, P. 't, Mrozewski, K.
Organization: MKC, TNO, TUD/3ME

Publication year: 2021 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 16 February 2021 | Download: miip-007-2020-fcmar-public-final-report-03022021rtf.pdf

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