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IOP Self Healing Materials - Themaboekje Maritiem

Overzicht van mogelijke onderzoeksgebieden voor IOP Self Healing Materials in samenwerking met offshore en maritieme maakindustrie.… [more]

Organization: Scenariocommissie Maritiem en Offshore

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 21 February 2014 | Download: iop-self-healing-materials-themaboekje-maritiem.pdf

CLEAN SEA SHIPPING “de Milieubalans”, Outline of a research programme based on an integral approach towards cleaner sea shipping.

This research programme aims at:
Identification of Best Available Technology for reduction of the environmental impact of
operational shipping activities
This ultimate goal will be achieved by realizing the following sub-goals:
- Identification of interesting options and related technologies to minimize the environmental
impact of shipping operations
- Techn… [more]

Authors: Annokkee, Guus, Boonstra, Hotze, Dallinga, Reint, Dijkstra, Chris, Hopman, Hans, Karman, Chris, Kolderhof, Yvonne, Oonk, Hans, Stapersma, Douwe, Vries, Leo de

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 2 December 2013 | Download: clean-sea-shipping-1e-fase.pdf

Model-Based Control of Hopper Dredgers

The subject of this thesis is a control strategy that strives to optimise the dredging process operation of a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD). This control system must take into account all the subjects that influence the performance of the TSHD. Whereas the consequences of the control actions are only observable in the performance at the end of the c… [more]

Authors: Braaksma, Jelmer
Organization: IHC Systems, TU Delft - 3ME

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 26 November 2013 | Download: disertatie-braaksma_200802041.pdf

MIP Nieuws 00-2008

MIP Nieuwsbrief 00-2008… [more]

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 18 November 2013 | Download: mip-nieuws-00-2008.pdf

Ultimate Dynamic Positioning - Presentatie

Ultimate Dynamic Positioning - Presentatie… [more]

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 1 October 2013 | Download: presentatie-udp-voor-pac.pdf

MKC Jaarverslag 2007

Jaarverslag van het Maritiem Kennis Centrum - 2007… [more]

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 1 October 2013 | Download: jaarverslag-zfd-2007.pdf

The structure of three-dimensional sheet cavitation

Attached cavitation is a form of cavitation that is prevalent on nearly all ship propellers. The technical and financial constraints of the hull form and propulsion plant rarely allow for a propeller with a low loading, a low rate of revolutions, and a favorable inflow. Although some science vessels and surface combatants have propellers designed to operate … [more]

Authors: E.J. Foeth

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 9 September 2013
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