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Een onderzoek naar de consequenties van het toepassen van tankontluchtingskappen en de lekstabiliteit van kustvaartschepen … [more]

Publication year: 2011 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 30 September 2013 | Download: rapport-tankontluchtingskappen.pdf

Cyclic compression of imperfect steel plates

This thesis is concerned with cyclic compression of imperfect steel plates. The reason for this investigation was the observation that the current practice for structural design of primary ship structures against a ductile collapse ignores the obviously instantaneous character of extreme wave induced loading to which ships are being subjected. The main scope… [more]

Authors: M.L. Kaminski

Publication year: 1992 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Nonlinear Hull Girder loads on Ships

The vertical hull girder loads in a ship in head waves are studied. Fourier analysis of new regular wave towing tank results indicated clear second and third harmonic responses. The severest nonlinear behaviour occurs around the reasonable peak of the relative motions at the bow. An increase of the bow flare and of the forward speed both increase the nonline… [more]

Authors: L.J.M. Adegeest

Publication year: 1995 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

On the assessment of nonlinear ship motions and loads

The behaviour of ships in a seaway is an important subject as the motions and loads have a strong impact on the safety, econimics and operational performance of a vessel. Extreme response conditioning has been studied as a practical technique to calculate nonlinear extreme responses efficiently… [more]

Authors: L.W. Pastoor

Publication year: 2002 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Viscous effects in drift forces on semi-submersibles

Theoretical predictions using 3-dimensional potential theory for the mean drift forces on moored floating structures like semi-submersibles and tension leg platforms show discrepancies in both regular and irregular waves when compared with results of model tests. Such divergence is further pronounced in the low frequency range where diffraction effects are s… [more]

Authors: A.K. Dev

Publication year: 1996 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Nonlinear Behaviour of Fast Monohulls in Head Waves

In this study the behaviour of fast monohulls in head waves will be investigated. The occurrence of high peaks in the vertical accelerations experienced by these ships while sailing in head waves is the limiting factor for the safe operation. The methods most commonly used for the calculation of the motions and accelerations of these ships in waves are not c… [more]

Authors: J.A. Keuning

Publication year: 1994 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

Local hydroelastic response of ship structures under impact loads from water (slamming)

Accurate prediction of representative design loads and, hence, the structural response is the key factor in performing successful design of marine structures. In most cases these design loads can be determined separately from the structural analysis and then applied to the structure in order to find the structural response. However, in some cases these loads… [more]

Authors: A. Bereznitski

Publication year: 2003 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

A knowledge-based Concept Exploration Model for Submarine Design

Conceptual design is the first phase in the design process in which both the design problem and the way to solve the problem are not exactly known. Starting with an initial specification, the most promising concept should be generated. However, as the design process proceeds more information becomes available, which may introduce new design questions or revi… [more]

Authors: C.G.J.M. van der Nat

Publication year: 1999 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

The interaction between diesel engines, ship and propellers during manoeuvring

This thesis describes a model (the 'Ship Mobility Model') that predicts the behaviour of the propulsion system of a maneuvring ship. The model is set up for a twin shaft, diesel engine-propeller driven slender ship. The thesis has two abstract ion levels. The basic level consists of the presentation of the general model layout and the specific details of the… [more]

Authors: P.J.M. Schulten

Publication year: 2005 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 10 September 2013

The structure of three-dimensional sheet cavitation

Attached cavitation is a form of cavitation that is prevalent on nearly all ship propellers. The technical and financial constraints of the hull form and propulsion plant rarely allow for a propeller with a low loading, a low rate of revolutions, and a favorable inflow. Although some science vessels and surface combatants have propellers designed to operate … [more]

Authors: E.J. Foeth

Publication year: 2008 | Type: Text | Uploaded: 9 September 2013

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