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CLEAN SEA SHIPPING “de Milieubalans”, Outline of a research programme based on an integral approach towards cleaner sea shipping.

By: Annokkee, Guus; Boonstra, Hotze; Dallinga, Reint; Dijkstra, Chris; Hopman, Hans; Karman, Chris; Kolderhof, Yvonne; Oonk, Hans; Stapersma, Douwe; Vries, Leo de

This research programme aims at: Identification of Best Available Technology for reduction of the environmental impact of operational shipping activities This ultimate goal will be achieved by realizing the following sub-goals: - Identification of interesting options and related technologies to minimize the environmental impact of shipping operations - Technological, environmental ...

File: clean-sea-shipping-1e-fase.pdf (316.5 KB)
Date issued: 2008
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