ISP Journal

ISP Journal

ISP Journal is an edition of IOS Press and is edited by the International Shipbuilding Progress Foundation.

The International Shipbuilding Progress Foundation

The Dutch International Shipbuilding Progress (ISP) Foundation is founded on December 18, 1987 and seated at Delft, The Netherlands.


The aims of the ISP Foundation were formulated as follows:

- Promoting of the interest for the study of maritime technology.
- Publishing the international technical scientific Journal on the subject of maritime technology,
  being 'International Shipbuilding Progress'.
- To do anything that in the broadest sense relates to the first two aims or that will promote these.

ISP Governing Board

The Board of the International Shipbuilding Progress (ISP) Foundation has been composed over the years as follows:

W. Spuyman MSc Chairman 1987 - 2005
Prof. N. Dijkshoorn Secretary/treasurer 1987 - 2004
L.A.S. Hageman MSc Secretary/treasurer  2004 - 2013
S.G. Tan MSc Member 2004 - 2013
W. Veldhuyzen Ph.D. Chairman 2005 - 2023
J.T. Ligtelijn MSc Secretary/treasurer 2013 - 2023
J.T. Ligtelijn MSc Chairman/treasurer 2023 - present
E. van Daalen Ph.D. Secretary 2023 - present
A.W. Vredeveldt MSc Member 2013 - present


Period 1954 - 1987

Starting from September 1954 the Journal 'International Shipbuilding Progress' was published by Mr. G. Zanen, owner of the publishing company “International Periodic Press”, in co-operation with an editorial team, which included some professors of TU Delft and an employee of the (then existing) Netherlands Ship Research Centre TNO in Delft.

Upon the passing of Mr. G. Zanen on March 3, 1972, publishing the Journal ISP was continued by his son G.P. Zanen. Upon his passing on June 7, 1986, publishing ISP was continued by his wife Mrs S. Zanen-Bruin. In the fall of 1987 she informed the editorial team that she wished to cease her task of publishing the Journal.

Subsequently the ISP Foundation was established by W. Spuyman and Prof. N. Dijkshoorn, who at that time both were members of the editorial team of the Journal. They also formed the first board of the Foundation, as chairman and secretary/treasurer respectively.

Period after 1987

The publishing of the Journal ISP was continued after 1987, in first instance in an informal way by the  Library of the TU Delft, department Delft University Press (DUP).

In 1988 a first agreement was established between the Foundation ISP and the Library of the TU Delft about printing and  distributing the Journal ISP.

A new agreement, in which more formal terms between the Foundation ISP and the Library of the TU Delft were laid down, is dated August 25, 2004. Among others it was agreed that DUP obtained the exclusive right from the Foundation ISP to publish the Journal ISP. In relation to that, the Editorial Board of the Journal ISP became the responsibility of the DUP, albeit that always one member of the Governing Board of the Foundation ISP is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal ISP.

In March 2005 the Governing Board of the TU Delft informed the Foundation ISP that the DUP would be taken over by IOS Press as per January 1, 2006. It was then agreed with the Foundation ISP that this would include the right to publish the Journal ISP. The basis for the latter still is the agreement between the Foundation ISP and the Library of the TU Delft (DUP) of Augustus 25, 2004.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board of the Journal ISP is chaired by Dr. ir. P.R. Wellens, Assistant Professor of Hydromechanics at TU Delft. The full EB member list can be found by selecting the Editorial Board tab  at the IPS Journal IOS Press website pages.

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