KIVI Section Maritime Technology - Programme 2018-2019

The Maritime Technology Section of KIVI anounced their lecture programme for 2018-2019, at following dates:

September 13th: 'Pedal to the medal', by Maarten van der Leij (DWT)
October 11th: LNGinfra: Chicken of the egg, by Benne Engelen (Anthony Veder)
November 8th: Maritime maintenance must, by Douwe van Gorcum (Marlfex)
December 20th: The next step forward, in collaboration with KNVTS - Delta Hotel, Vlaardingen
January 10th: Brace on impact, by Rogier van der Wal (TNO)
February 28th: Symposium S.G. William Froude: Looking Back 2050
March 14th: Oceanopolis, by William Otto & Olaf Waals (MARIN)
April 11th: Nice and eazy does it, by Reinout Prins (Zbridge)
May 9th: Cleaning Propulsion, by Niels de Vries (C-Job Naval Architects)
June 13th: Wave reader, by Peter Naaijen (Next Ocean)

When 11 Apr 2019
Where Faculty Room and Lecture Hall A - Faculty 3mE - TU Delft / Delta Hotel, Vlaardingen (Netherlands)
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