KIVI Lecture Seeing Noise

KIVI Lecture Thursday 3 April 2014


Speaker: Professor Stefan Weyna (West Pomerian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland)

Airborne noise on board ships is a source of crew and passenger discomfort. Prediction and control of noise level on board ships is one of the most difficult aspects of shipbuilding. In spite of many efforts, prediction of noise levels with an accuracy of 3dB is still impossible. The solution lies gaining experience in acoustical diagnostics using the sound imaging method.
Professor Stefan Weyna, an international expert in the acoustical diagnostics, has developed the method which may assist engineers to gain understanding of complex acoustic energy flow in real-life field. The method provides graphs showing intensity streamlines, shapes of floating acoustic waves and intensity isosurfaces in three-dimensional space, which cannot be provided by conventional acoustics metrology. In traditional acoustic metrology, the analysis of acoustic fields concerns only the distribution of pressure levels (scalar variable), however in a real acoustic field both scalar (acoustic pressure) and vector (the acoustic particle velocity) effects are closely related. Several examples of vector space distributions of the real acoustic fields are already available. Analysis of sound images allows to identify noise sources and noise leaks. The method is attractive because it uses portable equipment which can be applied on board real ships. In the lecture the method will be explained and illustrated on examples.

Starting time for lecture: 7:00 PM
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When 3 Apr 2014
Where Faculty Room and Room A, Faculty 3mE, TU Delft, Leeghwaterstraat 17 (Netherlands)
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