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Advanced Materials for the Marine and Offshore Industry Conference

This conference will explore recent and future material technologies used in the marine and offshore industry, looking at not only their application in piping and secondary structures (grating, handrails, cable trays, etc) but also increasingly for large scale primary structure. These developments brings new challenges in terms of large scale production issues, structural integrity, fatigue resistance, load transfer to metal structures, fire safety, etc.

Call For Papers Open

Where: London (United kingdom) | When: 16 to 17 Apr 2013 | published: 2013-01-23

Marine Coatings Conference

The marine environment has always been a harsh and unforgiving environment for both anti-fouling and corrosion control coatings systems. In the current economic climate the industry faces an even greater need to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of coatings systems. The industry is now being affected by more and more legislation on safety and environmental protection issues.

Call For Papers Open

Where: London (United kingdom) | When: 18 Apr 2013 | published: 2013-01-23

KM course

In 2013, a new run of the training "Maritime Knowledge Management" will be held by Co-Capacity, in collaboration with HME. This six-day training will be on 16-17 April, 14-15 May and 11-12 June. Please contact Koen Beelen for more information, or subscribe at HME.

Where: FME (Zoetermeer) (Netherlands) | When: 16 to 17 Apr 2013 | published: 2013-03-26 | Tagged: km

Seminar Smart Ports

Development of new port infrastructure in times of crises demands a smart approach. It has to come up with cost effective, sustainable and safe designs, smart to operate the port efficiently and smart to make port operations more environmental friendly.

Where: MARIN, Hof van Wageningen (Netherlands) | When: 23 Apr 2013 | published: 2013-04-09
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