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Integrity of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, Kivi Niria

The presentation addresses the integrity assurance and safety performance of jack ups and semisubmersibles used as drilling units for the offshore Oil and Gas Industry. The historical safety performance over the last 30 years is reviewed, thereby drawing conclusions regarding the observed failure rates and the main causes of failure. For jack ups the main causes of failures include punchthrough failures in the soils and failures in extreme storms as well as capsizing during tow and wellrelated blow out events. For semisubmersible units there have been a considerable number of cases of mooring line failures and cases of complete loss ... [more]

Where: Shell Rijswijk (Netherlands) | When: 17 Jan 2013 | published: 2013-01-23

Natural Propulsion Seminar

Since the sharing and challenging of concepts, ideas and developments is a vital process MARIN is organising a second Natural Propulsion seminar in January 2013 in Wageningen. More information will follow in due course. The following speakers have already confirmed their participation.

- Bureau Mauric, France - Naval Architecture of the Alcyone - Cousteau's Society Turbosails boat
- Propelwind project - status of the project, year 2
- Dijkstraa - Ecoliner design
- S@AIL project - Goal and content of the starting EU project
- Private energy - FuriaOne Solarboat team
- Van Osssanen - Recovering energy form the streamline ... [more]

Where: MARIN Wageningen (Netherlands) | When: 17 Jan 2013 | published: 2013-01-23

Revealing Combustion Processes, Kivi NIria

This reading explores a unique experimental facility. The facility enables the investigation of injection and combustion processes in relation to two-stroke marine diesel engines at relevant physical dimensions and operational parameters, including flow characteristics and low fuel qualities involved. The core element is a disk-shaped optical accessible constant volume spray combustion chamber of diameter 500 mm with peripheral injection into a swirl flow. Kai Herrmann will explain how conditions at the start of injection similar to those in real engines (up to 13 MPa, 930 K) are achieved and how the application of non-intrusive optical measurement techniques contributes to a ... [more]

Where: TU Delft, 3mE (Netherlands) | When: 10 Jan 2013 | published: 2013-01-23
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