KNVTS Lezingenprogramma 2016-2017

Lezingenprogramma KNVTS 2016-2017

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Where: zie KNVTS website (Netherlands) | When: 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Jun 2017 | published: 2016-09-29 | Tagged: home

KIVI Martec Lezingenprogramma 2016-2017

KIVI Martec Lezingenprogramma 2016-2017

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Where: Zie website KIVI Martec (Netherlands) | When: 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Jun 2017 | published: 2016-09-29 | Tagged: home

KIVI Offshore Techniek Lezingenprogramma 2016-2017

15-09-2016 The Huisman Innovation Tower
20-10-2016 Technostarters
17-11-2016 Another 20 years continuous production in the harsh North Sea
15-12-2016 Pioneering Spirit: Commissioning the World's largest offshore vessel
19-01-2017 Regas: A new energy gateway for the world
16-02-2017 Deep water renewable energy: Floating offshore wind turbines
02-03-2017 Excursion - Aluminium: The preferred material in offshore
16-03-2017 Hyperbaric tunneling equipment, the quest to support digging deeper
20-04-2017 Using offshore experience for clean oceans and clean energy
18-05-2017 Malampaya phase 2&3: gas to power for the next decade

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Where: Zie website KIVI Offshore (Netherlands) | When: 1 Sep 2016 to 30 Jun 2017 | published: 2016-09-29 | Tagged: home

Blue Week - autumn session

BlueWeek Autumn session
9-11 October Rostock, Germany

Location: Rostock, Germany
Local Organizer: GICON & University of Rostock

Draft planning

Monday 10th October: JIP meetings

Tuesday 11th October: keynotes lectures or seminar (to be determined), Forum for new Joint Industry Projects initiatives

Wednesday 12th October: JIP meetings

Where: Rostock (Germany) | When: 9 to 11 Oct 2017 | published: 2016-12-15 | Tagged: home kennis_event

CEDA Dredging Days 2017

The next CEDA Dredging Days conference and exhibition will take place on 9-10 November 2017 at Ahoy Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in conjunction with Europort 2017.

Sustainable Dredging - Continued Benefits

Dredging in marine, estuarine and freshwater environments affects the ecosystem and its associated services to nature and humanity either in a positive or in a negative manner. New insights in the natural processes, in the potential impacts and benefits and new, adapted methods and technologies allow the modern dredging industry to provide sustainable solutions for developing and maintaining essential infrastructure, while securing the continuity of ecosystem services.

CEDA Dredging Days ... [more]

Where: Ahoy, Rotterdam (Netherlands) | When: 9 to 10 Nov 2017 | published: 2016-12-29 | Tagged: home
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